The Discernable Interviews

SPECIAL: Freedom From the Madness ft. Damian Coory and Matt Wong on Culture Wars, Media and PR

1 Hour 40 Minutes

A discussion full of irreverence, politically incorrect topics like: ‘do gingers have souls?’, Matt the ‘chink’ and Damian the ‘wog’ and growing up with racism), the dark arts of Public Relations, the fall of Hong Kong, waiting for ABC viewers to die…

2:50 New Media will win
4:18 The Other Side Australia
6:54 Damian’s politics
10:50 Matt’s politics
12:17 ‘Invasion Day’ protests and writing off protesters
16:38 Matt presses Damian on ‘Invasion Day’ protests
21:23 Classical Liberalism is the way forward
29:55 The Culture Wars – Scott Morrison has given up
33:18 Ghosted by left-wing friends
36:13 Killing the ABC
42:18 Newscorp vs the ABC
46:30 Misleading labels the media loves to use
47:40 Why Damian became a conservative and joined the right-wing
50:20 We love free markets – the ultimate democracy
58:00 The fall of Hong Kong was a fait accompli
1:02:55 Matt and Damian get racist
1:04:00 Matt is a pilot, amongst other things
1:06:27 Stop pointing guns at my head!
1:09:13 The logical fallacy of ‘appeals to authority’
1:11:31 The dark arts of PR – can anything save Meghan Markle?
1:14:00 A typical PR consult
1:19:20 Public relations – twist the truth or amplify the truth?
1:25 00 Unravelling the lies
1:28:30 Fixing the weak Liberal Party
1:32:04 Damian’s childhood obsession with radio
1:34:44 The magic wand question
1:37:27 Matt’s listened to Damian when in the womb