The Discernable Interviews

Simon Hill - The Proof Is In The Plants

1hr 11min

24 February 2022

Simon Hill is famous for his work in the plant-based lifestyle movement, his predilection for scientific evidence and his in-depth podcast where he interviews experts in nutrition, and other health disciplines.

We invited Simon to appear on Discernable as a ‘meta-analysis’ of all the studies he has read and reviewed, and all of the expert interviews he has conducted. Simon’s podcast is an excellent resource to dive deep into the details of a particular issue but we wanted to hear from him about the broad momentum of the plant based movement, healthy nutrition, and world agriculture.

As with all of our interviews, we were looking for the ‘why’ and explored Simon’s way of thinking, how to determine good science from bad, and whether he would hypothetically follow the science away from a plant-based lifestyle.

What we found was surprising and refreshing.