The People's Project

Season 5 Episode 7: Arguing About Nazi Germany

1hr 19min

In episode 7 of The People’s Project:

  1. Victoria Police call Victorians ‘Pussies’
  2. Secret footage of Police Curfew Soldiers
  3. We are shooting animals in the name of Covid
  4. Australian mocked on the world stage
  5. Quiet, civil disobedience the only way out
  6. Matt Fox threatened with jail for #LetUsPlay
  7. Children can no longer escape abusive homes
  8. Social conformity – why we comply to non sensical directives
  9. Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Debate – are passports ethical?
  10. Professor Doug Little wants to ‘crush resistance’, force compliance’ with government mandates
  11. The most vaccine hesitant group is PHDs
  12. The Tesla Bot
  13. ACT Magistrate encourages Extinction Rebellion to continue property destruction
  14. Nirvana being sued by the baby on their Nevermind album
  15. Afghanistan and losing perspective
  16. Expose yourself to opposing views