The People's Project

Season 5 Episode 2 with Dr Thomas Cade: The Ministry of Truth


In episode 2 of The People’s Project with guest Dr Thomas Cade:

  1. NSW (and now VIC) in Prison
    Is there any other option for states besides lockdown?
  2. The Ministry of Truth
    Governments would have you believe that there is only 1 source of truth (themselves) but the stories of Ignaz Semmelweis and The Great Barrington Declaration serve as a warning.
  3. Planning for Lockdowns
    There were many pandemic plans around the world that were thrown away as soon as the pandemic hit (Mar 2020). Governments like the states of Australia have pursued an aggressive elimination strategy with obscured access to any supporting health advice or evidence.
  4. Trust Your Government
    Sydney is being subjected to a ‘grim reaper’ style campaign with many medical inaccuracies. Is this the government we are meant to trust blindly?

The French government has announced vaccine passports from August for anyone 12 years and older, will be required to access all cafes, restaurants and shopping centres. The reaction has revealed that most trust the government’s messaging.