The Discernable Interviews

Saluting Their Service: Victoria Police Officers Conscripted to Vietnam Tell Their Stories

6hrs 26min

2 June 2023

These are the stories of ten Victoria Police officers who served in the Vietnam War between 1964 and1972. Plucked from policing the streets of Melbourne, they were expected to serve their mandatory period of national service before returning to Victoria Police with no support, psychological evaluation, or job retraining, often policing protests against the very war they never wanted to serve in, and had just returned from.

Many of them rose to the highest ranks within Victoria Police, with some experiencing debilitating and life-long complications from their time in the military.

In 2023, Victoria Police formally apologised to them and recognised their service in a series of events called ‘Saluting Their Service’.


1. James Stuart ARCHBOLD MM
Retired Senior Constable VicPol 14923
Corporal 3790920
Military Police

2. Iain Mcculloch FINDLAY
Retired Sergeant VicPol 15929
Corporal 3796498
Military Police

3. Gordon Kenneth BEACH
Retired Superintendent VicPol 15138
Corporal 3790002
Military Police

4. Dr Raymond Neil SHUEY AM, APM
Retired Assistant Commissioner VicPol 14696
Lance Corporal 3790218
110 Signals Squadron

5. Ivan William RAY
Retired Inspector VicPol 14897
Corporal 3791124
Military Police

6. Brian Eric FOX
Retired Senior Sergeant VicPol 17250
Private 3794305
5 Royal Australian Regiment

7. Trevor Charles THOMPSON
Retired Assistant Commissioner VicPol 15045
Private 3790257
Royal Australian Army Service Corps

8. Eric James HORNE
Retired Chief Inspector VicPol 11324
Captain 3106899
Command and Staff Training Unit
Citizen Military Forces

9. Maureen Joy SMITH- widow of Ronald Wayne SMITH
Retired Senior Constable VicPol 14881
Lance Corporal 3788016
532 Signal Troop

10. Ian Graham PAYNE
Retired Inspector VicPol 15150
Corporal 3791889
Military Police

This project was produced with the assistance and support of:

Community Advocacy Alliance

Australian War Memorial

Victoria Police

Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia

Retired Police Association of Victoria Inc