The Discernable Interviews

Robert Barwick: Banks That Run The World

2hr 8min

24 August 2022

Robert Barwick is the Research Director of the Australian Citizens Party and has been revealing the influence of big banks at the core of our politics for decades.

In this interview we explored:

  • How lobbyists control the direction of Australia’s politics
  • How Australia’s cash ban was defeated
  • Australia’s ‘bail in laws’ that steal the savings of Australians
  • The immorality of Uber
  • The kind of protest that works
  • Banks have a goal of eliminating cash
  • Australia won’t survive without cash
  • The true extent of bank branch closures in Australia
  • How ‘bail in’ laws work by shifting accountability from the banks to the customers
  • Glass-Steagall laws and Obama’s fake regulation after the GFC
  • The corporate assassination of AusPost’s CEO Christine Holgate
  • The dysfunction of Australia Post
  • The machinery of political parties
  • Decentralised finance and cryptocurrency
  • Are Australian house prices a giant bubble?
  • How to keep banks accountable and fix the property market
  • Choose your medicine: crash, hyperinflation or depression
  • Are ‘renters’ still ‘losers’?