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Professor Nikolai Petrovsky's Breakthrough with the Australian TGA

1 Hour 32 Minutes

Professor Nikolai Petrovsky invented SPIKOGEN (formerly called Covax-19) which has now rolled out to millions of people with zero deaths, zero cases of myo/pericarditis, and zero cases of thrombosis.

Such a remarkable adverse event profile is, according to the professor, absolutely normal in traditional vaccine development but has been forgotten in a sea of adverse events around the world.

Now approved in New Zealand as a travel vaccine, the professor joined me to discuss a massive range of topics including the science behind spike proteins, C-19 variants, truth in efficacy reporting, natural immunity, viral attenuation, and the future for his vaccine SPIKOGEN.

Nikolai is the Director of Endocrinology at the Flinders Medical Centre (South Australia), Professor of Medicine at Flinders University (South Australia), Vice President of the International Immunomics Society, founder of Vaxine and creator of SPIKOGEN.