The Discernable Interviews

Professor Ben Mol - Medical Interventions, Lockdowns and Fabricated Research

1hr 15min

28 October 2022

Ben Mol is a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Monash Health, Melbourne. He focuses deeply on medical interventions: what are they, why are they deployed, are they overused?

He leads the Evidenced based Women’s Health Care Research Group who investigate whether medical interventions around the world are conducted with evidence, are beneficial to patients, and whether they cause harm.

In the course of his research, Ben has uncovered startling evidence such as 30% of peer-reviewed and published randomly controlled trials being completely fabricated.

In this interview we explored the world’s largest health intervention to date: government and public health responses to Covid-19. The professor has been vocal about the injustice and illogic of vaccine mandates, punitive measures against Queensland’s unvaccinated teachers, the deportation of Novak Djokovic from Australia, malfeasance in academic research, and lockdowns as ‘one of the greatest peacetime policy failures in modern history’.

  • An outline of our discussion:
  • What are medical interventions?
  • Brave New World – are we addicted to medical interventions?
  • The incentives driving medical interventions
  • Is Panadol a placebo?
  • The natural rate of caesarean deliveries vs the actual rate
  • Incentives to conduct caesarean sections
  • Charging Australians for IVF and elective caesareans
  • Discrimination in reproductive healthcare
  • Fewer costs with no lockdowns – Sweden vs Denmark
  • Threshold for all new drugs: $50k per life year saved
  • Covid-19 vaccine cost benefit analysis
  • Medical interventions should be measured is saved/lost life years, not purely deaths
  • Traffic accident deaths are more tragic than elderly deaths
  • Young people paid a higher price than old people during lockdowns
  • We ‘went to war’ over Covid-19
  • Was an elimination strategy wise in Australia?
  • ‘Flattening the curve’
  • Should the government also go to war with cancer? Obesity? Smoking? Sugar?
  • The lack of reason in vaccine mandates
  • Extending the logic to banning Coca Cola
  • The lunacy of social distancing at McDonalds
  • C-19 vaccine uptake rates without mandates
  • Mandating healthy lifestyles
  • The medical principle of ‘informed consent’
  • Should we ‘save the health system’ or should it save us?
  • Victorian ambulance and 000 systems overwhelmed
  • Health system capacity crises before Covid-19
  • Hospitals conduct too many health interventions
  • Medical culture in the Netherlands: intervene less often!
  • Interventionists see their own reality
  • False research papers: fabricated data in peer reviewed journals
  • Monash University detects 30% of randomly controlled trials are fake
  • Ivermectin trials built on fake data
  • The Socratic dialogue of medical debate but is it too complex for the public?
  • Detecting false research papers
  • People’s greatest needs: physical safety