The Discernable Interviews

Business Innovation Series Ep7: Pia Therese Returns! Gyms, Lockdowns and Health

1 Hour 40 Minutes

Pia Therese returns! In September 2020 we spoke to Pia about her gym MFW Fitness which was closed due to Victorian lockdowns. 4 months later we caught up on how the fitness industry is travelling post lockdowns, as well as covering body image, gym culture, mental health and PTSD.

3:01 Pia goes undercover in competitor gyms
6:36 Why gyms are ‘essential businesses’
9:30 Our bodies require stimulation
11:30 Automatic exercise
13:27 Different motivations for working out
15:17 Negative body image
18:01 Pia growing up
22:30 Current beauty standards
24:59 Instagram body image
29:08 Take a break from Social Media
31:01 Pia and Matt love reality shows
32:43 MFW Fitness during lockdown
36:49 How many gyms failed?
42:03 Pia’s brand: MFW Fitness
45:16 Building a better gym culture
49:17 Why do people go to the gym?
50:11 Matt’s new love for running
51:48 Don’t talk about health!
57:53 Conditioned to accept government restrictions
1:04:10 Dan Andrews is mirroring patterns of an abuser
1:08:30 Individual freedom is no longer represented
1:12:28 The most dangerous type of leader
1:13:49 Pia’s goes to Cuba
1:18:58 Is obesity as a measure of wealth?
1:20:00 Convenience undermine health
1:23:19 Kayla Itsines and the Bikini Body Guide
1:25:18 The psychology behind actions
1:31:04 Self-censorship to protect your business