The Discernable Interviews

Mattias Desmet: The Why and How of Mass Formation

1hr 7min

19 August 2022

Professor Mattias Desmet is the author of The Psychology of Totalitarianism – a book that describes a world in the grips of ‘mass formation’.
Under the correct conditions, the professor believes that a specific type of group formation can emerge, and has emerged in 2020. He cites historical examples where masses formed such as ‘concentration camps to deal with the Jews, crusades to deal with the Muslims and witch-hunts to deal with the witches’ but makes the distinction that in a technocratic era it ushers in totalitarianism.

Professor Desmet notes that totalitarianism, understood as a ‘diabolical pact between the elite and the masses’, is not the same as dictatorships where power is exercised in one direction. Totalitarianism always starts with an ‘obsession and illusionary idea that a new society should be created according to a certain pseudo-scientific theory. It will create a new technologically, scientifically based paradise’.

We covered:

  • What is the difference between dictatorships and totalitarianism?
  • Is Trump Derangement Syndrome, or Trump is Our Saviour sentiment, related to totalitarianism?
  • Will there be future mass formations?
  • Is the climate change movement a mass formation?
  • A new, technocratic totalitarianism
  • Real problems with climate
  • Criticisms of mass formation theory
  • Rational, mechanist materialism that creates a new ‘elite’
  • The result of violent revolution
  • Klaus Schwab, the W.E.F. and the W.H.O
  • Destroying the elite will not work
  • Proof that the madness exists
  • It is never safer to remain silent
  • Where should ethics come from?
  • The problem of religions and dogmas
  • How mass formations end
  • Non-conformists will bring the solution
  • The greatest risk of all: silence and violence
  • How to survive the next mass formation
  • Who influences Mattias Desmet?
  • Mattias’ message to Australia