The Discernable Interviews

Making Sense of Australia's Freedom Protests with Cr Angela Vithoulkas

49 Minutes

City of Sydney Councillor Angela Vithoulkas joins me to help make sense of the Freedom Protests across Australia. Angela is a lonely voice reading the protests as a desperate cry of ordinary workers and small business owners who have been driven to the brink and feel there is only one channel remaining for them to be heard: protest.

1:30 ‘Hunting Down’ our fellow Australians
2:56 Desperate and driven to protest
4:50 Premiers and Police losing control of their states
6:53 Return Jobkeeper to calm the people
9:10 ADF deployed on our streets against citizens
11:17 tightening the screws on South West Sydney
12:46 Politicians blame the people
14:44 ‘NSW Police cannot stop another protest’
18:35 NSW Government backing down
20:50 City of Sydney not helping small business
23:00 Small businesses can actually vote for the Sydney Mayor
24:23 City of Sydney doesn’t want small business to vote
28:10 80,000 small businesses in Sydney employing 600,000 people, 75,000 of whom live in the LGA
29:46 The Liberal Party is useless
30:00 The media bias against small business
32:26 Small business is not the same as big business
35:34 Misunderstanding small business profits
36:27 Boycotting the Sydney Morning Herald
39:06 Mayor of Sydney Angela Vithoulkas?
43:03 The new Small Business Advocate at The City of Sydney
45:55 Small Business – register to vote for the Dec election