The People's Project

LIVE Panel: David Limbrick, Tim Quilty, Samir Banga, Bill Lang, Richard Riordan, Ken Phillips

1 Hour 36 Minutes

Breaking the story of David Limbrick MP and Tim Quilty MP protesting on the steps of Parliament in Victoria, Australia.

After Premier Dan Andrews shut down parliament, these two MPs took the only action they could – continue to legally work in their workplace (parliament), albeit on the steps, standing up for the children of Victoria who have been crushed by lockdowns.

Their only demand? Open the outdoor playgrounds and let the kids play. Interestingly, David and Tim are the ONLY legal protestors in the state due to lockdown. They are actually legally still ‘working’ at their workplace as politicians ‘conducting parliamentary business’.

During this panel we were joined by:

Matt from Discernable
Emily from Voice for Victoria
Topher Field
Damian Coory from The Other Side Australia
Richard Riordan MP
Samir Banga from Banga Legal
Bill Lang from Small Business Australia
Ken Phillips from Self Employed Australia

Discernable’s report into the crashing mental health of children in Australia due to Lockdowns: