The Discernable Interviews

Kos Samaras: The Future of Australian Politics

1hr 30min

18 April 2023

Kos Samaras has over 25 years of experience in advertising and politics. Between 2005 to 2019 he served as Victorian Labor’s Deputy Campaign Director and is now the Director of Redbridge Group Australia, a social and community research company.

He specialises in combining research and socio-political analysis to illustrate emerging trends within the Australian community. He joined Discernable to discuss why the entire continent is turning red (voting for Labor).

We discussed:

  • Kos’ history as Deputy Campaign Director for Daniel Andrews
  • Why the Redbridge Group published proprietary data on Twitter for free
  • The importance of strong political oppositions
  • Lockdowns are political, not scientific
  • Why the Liberals are dying
  • How Liberals held seats in Sydney
  • The winning formula for the Liberal Party
  • Why Daniel Andrews is so angry
  • Kos’ struggle with depression
  • Political infighting
  • How the Greens are taking over
  • Sydney’s property market hurts Labor in NSW
  • Melbourne has poorer migrants and a dispersed Millennial class
  • Transgender and minority groups
  • Councils that fake surveys and won’t collect your bins
  • Empathy for the unvaccinated
  • Questions from Twitter
  • The Indigenous Voice to Parliament
  • Labor will lose the next QLD election
  • The new elites
  • Who is going to pay for ‘Labor’s debt’?
  • What is Stoicism?
  • What Kos has learned from surveying people
  • Low Information Voters
  • What makes a good politician?
  • Asking Kos to argue against himself