The Discernable Interviews

Ken Phillips: The Attack on Australia's Self Employed

1hr 40min

8 August 2022

Ken Phillips is the founder and executive director of Self Employed Australia. He joined Discernable to lay out the long history of governments and powerful interests attacking the right of Australians to remain self-employed.

Ken dived deep into the basis of commercial contracts upon which self-employed Australians rely versus the encroachment of employment contracts that everyone is being pushed into.

We discussed:

  • The Albanese government forcing gig contractors and self-employed to be classified as ’employees’ and imposing all of the associated compliance measures
  • The difference between earning your money through commercial contracts vs employment contracts
  • The historical balance between self-employed and institution-employed
  • Predictions of future power struggles for employment
  • The corruption in Australian states, judiciaries and police forces
  • Obvious momentums in Victoria against Daniel Andrews