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Clive spent $100m for what?! Julian Fayad explains the UAP result.


16 June 2022

What exactly did Clive Palmer get for his near $100m spend on the Australian Federal Election?

In this interview we explore:

  • Craig Kelly’s failure to be re-elected
  • Clive Palmer’s failure to be elected to QLD’s senate
  • $100m burned without a seat to show for it
  • Labelling UAP and minor party voters as ‘deplorables’
  • The political momentum that is not going away

Julian Fayad thrived in software development in his teens and after working in finance as an adult he saw innovation possibilities for artificial intelligence. He now has multiple businesses operating in the world of data science, artificial intelligence and finance, all while living in Western Sydney.

Julian breaks the Legacy Media narrative of UAP candidates and supporters being ‘low information voters’ or ‘deplorables’ manipulated by Clive Palmer’s simple slogans and promises. There is clearly a new political momentum forming in Australian politics and whilst proven to be a minority at the recent election, it is a momentum that is not going away as professionals such as Julian join the ranks.