The Discernable Interviews

Jab Injuries Australia - Real Australians Tell Their Stories of Post-Vaccine Injury


28 June 2022

Many Australians have experienced injury after a Covid-19 vaccination and had their cases sidelined, minimised or ignored. jab_injuries_australia has carefully curated a feed and a community that puts the spotlight purely on the victims and their stories…not on the science and not on the politics.

Ultimately we are witnessing the creation of a qualitative dataset that documents what others refuse to document, and what some pages sensationalise for their own political agendas.

Matt from Jab Injuries Australia joined Matt from Discernable to explain the types of stories that are being sent to him, the pushback he’s received, and the patterns evident in their data. Discernable was also interested in exploring motivations, dangers of censorship, false reports of injury, and conflicts of interest.