The Discernable Interviews

Interview with a Canadian Who Does Not Approve of the Truck Protests

1hr 4min

14 March 2022

Discernable has given much coverage to the Freedom Convoy Truck Protest in Canada and the positive voices around the movement but with so many Canadians also against the protest, we felt it was only right to hear from their side as well.

Tim Van Winckle is a resident of Ottawa, Canada. Ottawa was the centre of the protest and is a very pro-government city, much like Canberra, Australia. Tim believes the protest was ill thought out, fragmented, hijacked at times, and overall ineffective.

If you follow accounts such as you would understand the protest in a very positive light. If you turn on the legacy media, you would perhaps see the protests in a similar light to what is explored here.

As always, make up your own mind and remember that we are all on the same team: #TeamHuman whether we like it or not.

2:42 What is Ottawa?
6:00 Tim’s understanding of the Freedom Convoy
8:08 Competing interests within the convoy
9:22 Self-proclaimed leaders of the convoy
10:14 The make-up of the convoy group in Ottawa
12:40 The local population reacts to the convoy
16:28 Ottawa hadn’t seen this type of protest before
18:20 ‘They protested in the wrong place’
19:16 ‘The convoy had nothing to do with the lifting of mandates’
20:46 No Canadian wanted to see the Emergencies Act implemented
24:10 Reaction to bank accounts being frozen
28:46 How the convoy ‘lost the support of everyday Canadians’
32:35 ‘Trudeau was right to not talk to the convoy’
34:14 The Canadian truckers are a ‘bunch of clowns’
37:02 Canadian biases
40:50 Lack of legitimacy of the anti-vaccine side
42:48 What about legitimate information from censored experts?
46:02 Why are Canadians more trusting of government?
51:10 What do Canadians think about reports of vaccine adverse reactions?
53:42 Targeting children to get the covid vaccine
55:48 Risk vs reward ratio for children getting vaccinated
57:19 How do Canadians view Australia?
59:24 Threats and secrecy push more people away from trusting the government