The Discernable Interviews

Gay Pride, Identity Making and Ego

1hr 24min

5 October 2022

Stress, anxiety and wellness expert Sam Eddy returns to the studio to talk LGBTQ Pride Month, identity making and how humans all across the ideological spectrum mistakenly live out of ego.

We discussed:

  • Gay Pride
  • Adopting labels for identity and living out of ego
  • Finding peace to overcome anxiety
  • What is peace? what is it based on?
  • Are there foundations to peace and morality?
  • The childhood programming that both hurts and helps us
  • Sam comes out as gay but refuses to become an LGBTQ activist
  • How identity politics invests in your ego
  • ‘What is a woman?’
  • ‘The Middle Way’ and how to avoid extremes
  • The temptation to live in ego
  • Should we celebrate pride?
  • Crisis precipitates change, so pain is often needed
  • The logical conclusion of identity battles
  • Politicians and their egos
  • Comparing Australian politician egos
  • An ego-fuelled society
  • Comparing countries around the world
  • The paradox of Chinese happiness