The Discernable Interviews

Empathy Series Episode 1: Damien Silm

37 Minutes

Damien Silm is an apple farmer in regional NSW who stands to inherit a fortune. I’m not referring to assets, to land or even to the legacy of his great-grandfather who planted those apple trees so many decades ago.

It is clear to me that Damien, as one of the most empathetic people I know, will inherit the future as our world increasingly values empathy in all spheres of life.

Not only does empathy make you a more agreeable person it means that you are more easily able to understand other people’s perspectives. And that can be pressed for a commercial advantage when designing products and services that the market actually wants.

It was refreshing to interview Damien for our series on empathy, as he joined me live from the rolling plains of NSW.

Show Notes:

02:37 – Cedar Creek Orchards

05:20 – Farmers show more empathy

06:57 – What apple farmers actually do

09:38 – The difference between sympathy and empathy

13:09 – Empathising with Victoria during lockdown

14:45 – The commercial advantage of empathy

17:35 – What is ‘reconstituted juice’?

19:47 – Why you MUST live on tank water!

21:02 – Why Damien grows apples instead of being a pilot

24:15 – You must enjoy your career

26:15 – Did you feel ‘trapped’ in a generational business?

28:28 – Other states don’t understand Victoria’s mess

29:12 – Is Victoria a leper state?

31:03 – Melbourne protests – justified?

32:35 – Damien displays his empathy

34:00 – Defending Dan Andrews

35:04 – What would a farmer say to millions of people?