The Discernable Interviews

Edward Hore: President of Australia Cycle Alliance

1hr 29min

3 August 2022

Edward Hore is the founder and President of Australian Cycle Alliance, an organisation that advocates for safe and inclusive riding for anyone who decides to ride a bicycle, for any reason.

We discussed:

0:41 What is the Australian Cycle Alliance?
3:06 Programs to help people start riding
6:45 How popular is riding a bike?
10:20 Drivers vs Cyclists
16:03 When your workmates abuse you when you’re cycling
18:11 Sympathetic driving
21:00 Police attitudes toward cyclists
22:06 Edward and his son attacked by an angry driver
27:07 Dehumanising cyclists
29:40 Cycling makes better drivers
30:48 Bike riding effects on mental health
37:30 The hardest part of any ride
38:30 200km rides and a custard slice
41:40 Recreational riding
47:55 Bike share
48:49 How Matt started cycling
49:28 Getting your first bike
53:10 E-bikes
57:53 Cyclists on the road and in the way?
1:00:20 Shared bike paths and feeder routes
1:06:58 NYC prioritises people over cars
1:09:47 The downsides of cycling
1:12:16 The best way to get potholes fixed
1:18:58 Advocacy for families who have lost loved ones