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Dr Niall McCrae on Woke Ideology, Lockdowns and the role of the Media

1 Hour 22 Minutes

Dr. Niall McCrae is a senior lecturer in mental health at King’s College London. He is a prolific academic researcher and was one of the few academics to publicly support Brexit to leave the European Union.

He co-authored Moralitis: a Cultural Virus with Robert Oulds of The Bruges Group in the U.K., where they posit woke ideology as a virus that has infected the West.

His special interest is the dynamics in the child/teen/young adult population and he has been a vocal critic of COVID-19 lockdowns due to the mental health harms caused, as well as the long term impacts on their careers and lives.

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2:44 Why do people catch Moralitis (wokeness and lockdowns)?
6:06 Woke ideology is damaging to their very own arguments
9:40 Invasion Day Protest
11:34 Anti-lockdown protests in London
13:03 BLM protests were contrived by the global establishment
15:12 Police targeting minority groups at anti-lockdown protests
16:24 Prescribed plan by the global elite or simply emergent?
17:39 The globalists have exploited the pandemic and BLM
20:00 Why there has been such a large acceptance of BLM and lockdowns
21:39 Did lockdowns work in New Zealand?
25:12 The psychology of lockdown acceptance
28:08 The media has been purchased by government
31:06 The UK media regulator’s ban on publishing misinformation
33:47 The mental health crisis in younger generations
39:32 Why are young people so compliant?
43:55 Predictions of when the younger people will begin to push back
46:35 Using empathy to communicate
54:39 How do you communicate with people who have opposite views?
58:11 Battling the official narrative and fact-checkers
1:00:06 How should pro-lockdown supporters speak with anti-lockdown supporters?
1:03:18 The questionable ethics from the pro-lockdown camp
1:05:32 Dangers of rushed vaccines
1:12:09 The changing political views of Gen Z
1:17:36 The challenge humanity faces