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Dr James Muecke AM - The Solution to the Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic

1 Hour 21 Minutes

Dr James Muecke AM is our 2020 Australian of the Year for his work as an eye surgeon over many decades restoring sight for thousands of people globally.

His non-profit organisation Sight For All educates both patients and opthalmic/optometric health practitioners in countries around the world and has seen a correlative rise of poor eye health with Type 2 Diabetes.

This led Dr Muecke to investigate the causal factors behind Type 2 Diabetes which he now considers to be a ‘largely preventable and potentially reversible man-made lifestyle disease’. He places the blame at the feet of insane consumption levels of fructose, with a secondary contributor industrial seed oils, causing inflammation and damage throughout bodily systems manifesting early and clearly in the delicate structure of the eye.

He is a campaigner for ‘Awareness, Accountability and Assistance’ around the exploding Type 2 Diabetes epidemic globally.

Dr James Muecke AM:

Sight for All

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00:58 Can we cure Type 2 Diabetes?
1:45 Surgeons noticing diabetes on the rise
5:12 How Type 2 Diabetes causes blindness
8:15 How Neil Hansell went completely blind overnight
10:59 The eye is delicate enough to give early warning of type 2 diabetes
16:01 The evils of sugar and refined carbohydrates
21:13 Sugar and industrial seed oils (not fat) cause cardiovascular disease
28:54 Fructose is treated differently than glucose in the body
31:05 Metabolic dysfunction due to high triglycerides, high insulin and high glucose
32:30 Industrial seed oils, not fat, causing artery blockages
34:58 Saturated fats are critical to human development and survival
36:15 KFC and McDonalds swapped natural fats for industrial seed oils
38:00 Only proteins and fats are essential nutrients – not carbohydrates
40:57 Asian explosion of Type 2 Diabetes due to western dietary influences
41:59 Vegetarian diets are high in carbohydrate
42:59 What are healthy fats?
43:56 Veganism is a nutrient poor diet that relies on supplementation drive by the processed foods industry
45:25 What is a healthy diet?
48:02 Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day
50:22 A legitimate way to eat
52:57 The packaged food industry – ‘food like substances’
53:10 Awareness, Accountability, Assistance to overcome the ultra processed food industry
58:03 Targeting poor populations with addictive, ultra processed food
1:00:40 Alleviating pains and chasing dopamine rewards through processed food
1:04:15 School lunchboxes
1:06:42 The strategy to fight back – awareness campaigns, regulation of advertising to children etc
1:10:59 Different names of sugar and artificial sweeteners
1:12:10 Using non nutritive sweeteners to transition away from sugar
1:13:00 The dietetics profession and official guidelines
1:18:00 The magic wand – remove ultra processed foods