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Dr. Gary Fettke - The Science of Nutrition and the Crusade for a Plant-Based Diet

1 Hour 31 Minutes

Dr Gary Fettke is an orthopaedic surgeon famous for taking a stand against the meteoric rise of fructose, industrial seed oils and processed foods in our dietary guidelines. In both his own life and his own practice, he has seen lives turned around by embracing a low carbohydrate, healthy fat (LCHF) way of eating based on what is available locally and seasonally.

With his wife Belinda, they have been shining a light on the hidden influences in our nutrition industry which includes nefarious collusion and regulatory capture in western countries including Australia.

For example, did you know that the alternative meat movement in Australia is entirely owned by cereal producing, vegetarian promoting Sanitarium? Or that Sanitarium’s mission is to make Australia vegetarian? Seriously, go check out to see the proselytsing. Or that Sanitarium regularly sponsors projects and announcements by the Australian Medical Association (AMA)?

In this discussion we covered the crusade against animal foods (where it started and why, who is running it now), the nutritional science behind carbohydrate metabolism, the lies levelled at saturated fats, the incestuous regulatory capture of dietetics, the impossibility of mass produced, distributed healthy foods, and the truth about animals farming and climate change/habitat destruction.

This interview was sponsored by Chief Nutrition, one of only 2 packaged food companies that I trust. Chief Nutrition products are based on grass fed, regeneratively farmed cows that deliver the animal-based nourishment that has fueled humans for hundreds of thousands of years, not the processed fare that has destroyed human health over the last fifty.

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03:10 The genesis of plant-based diets
10:25 Humans never had access to such volume of carbohydrates
13:06 The Kreb’s cycle in the body has no biochemical requirement for carbohydrates
14:47 Plant-based super foods for micronutrients
17:50 Fructose metabolism
21:35 Low sugar/Low GI carbohydrates trigger the same pathways
22:37 Why high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) won against other sugars
25:06 KFC used to be healthier than it is now
26:39 Not all trans-fats are evil
28:14 The assassination of saturated fat
29:38 Saturated fats are healthy
32:55 The real author of our dietary guidelines
37:02 The Australian Medical Association sponsored by Sanitarium
41:13 Profit drives the medical, health and nutrition industry
42:53 How the truth of nutrition can be suppressed for decades
46:15 Censored for curing diabetes
49:58 It’s too hard to make money from fresh food
51:32 The anti-meat propaganda machine
56:22 Animal based agriculture sector vs plant-based agriculture sector
58:20 Sanitarium owns the alternative meat market
1:02:42 Animal based agriculture is better for the environment
1:03:18 Making a difference for the planet and for humanity
1:07:20 Regenerative farming vs extractive farming
1:16:10 The Snack Food war
1:19:00 School curriculums now based on fluctuating energy levels
1:20:23 Naturally drawn to fat and dense foods
1:22:24 Feeling sorry for vegans
1:24:10 Magic wand question