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Deep Dive into Christianity with Gabriel Finochio

1hr 31min

14 June 2022

Gabriel Finochio is a Christian Bible teacher and founder of Theos University – the Netflix of Biblical study. More importantly, he is bringing hope to the world as the founder of multiple meme pages such as @wokejesuschrist that take aim at the decline of western culture as it embraces relativism, post-modernism, wokeism and deconstructionism.

In this conversation we covered:

  • The demise of western churches
  • The step of faith for Christianity to work
  • Christianity as a psychedelic practice
  • Self-evident truth (Romans 1) vs transcendental revelation
  • Original sin, actual sin and the cycle of trying to stop sin
  • Salvation for the sinless? Foucault, Nietzsche and the ‘insane asylum’ of power
  • Pride Month – it’s not about sexuality
  • Irrational slogans and body mutilation
  • ‘What is a woman?’
  • The sin of Satan
  • The greatest 2 sins of all
  • The purpose of hell
  • Thinking your way through religion
  • Innovative Theology
  • Hillsong – disembodied faith
  • C3 ‘miracle offerings’
  • The Christian response to authoritarian governments (Romans 13)
  • The morality of vaccine mandates
  • Christians breaking laws


1) The Vaccine is not “Loving”

The notion that a Christian ought to receive the vaccine because it is “loving” is a common lie used to manipulate the Church into compliance. The classic theological definition of love, as St. Thomas Aquinas has affirmed, is to will the good of another. In light of that definition, the vaccine has not proven itself to be an absolute good. Therefore the primary reason for Christians to reject the vaccine is that it is not good. Moreover, when Christ commands: “love your neighbor”, he adds “as yourself” (Matt. 22:39). And so we see that we are not only required to love, but we are required to love in an order that begins with God (Matt. 22:37), and then ourselves, and then our neighbor. So if we discern that the vaccine is not good for ourselves, we have good reason to believe it is harmful for our neighbor. As for the reasons why it is harmful, I shall briefly examine them next.

2) The Vaccine Participates in Abortion

I believe Abortion is the greatest political evil of our time, and I have written my reasoning for that conviction elsewhere, but the fact is that every vaccine created to combat COVID 19 (moderna, Pfizer, astra Zeneca, novavax and J&J) has derived all of its research from a late term baby that was murdered by being vivisected for its tissues and then discarded as waste. If that baby was Anne Frank we would all be disgusted and protest against the anti-semitism of using a Jewish baby. If that baby was vivisected by Dr. Josef Mengele we would all protest the association with Nazi’s. But for some reason the fact that the baby was aborted doesn’t seem to bother us. But it should. By participating in a vaccine derived from abortion we are perpetuating abortion-based research, and, what is worse, we are associating ourselves with the satanic sacrifice of children for the benefit of our own health. Instead of heroically sacrificing ourselves for the least of these, we are sacrificing the least of these for ourselves. Instead of dying as the martyrs, we are killing the martyrs. Instead of sieging the gates of hell, we are opening them, to a demonic and eugenic future of children born to die for the undying life of a vampire vaccine.

3) The Vaccine is not a Vaccine

Without getting too deep into the technical aspects of the vaccine, the vaccine is a serum used to manipulate genes in the body so that they produce more protein. This new practice is known as a gene therapy. Traditional vaccines (also known as any official vaccine administered before this one) do not use that method. Traditional vaccines induce the production of antibodies, which confer a specific resistance against infections (viral, bacterial, etc). So what we’re dealing with is a so-called “vaccine” which previously did not qualify as a vaccine, but which now does because certain global organizations have recently changed their definition of what a vaccine is. But they are lying to the public about their medical practices, and the safety of that public is in question. If a traditional vaccine produced the kind of side-effects known to accompany the COVID “vaccine”, it would be banned from production until further notice. But apparently blood clots, heart attacks, immune-deficiencies, miscarriages, even as short-term side effects are not enough to cause caution in the authorities promoting and distributing it. In less than a year, there have been more American deaths linked to the so-called COVID “vaccine” than all the deaths from the previous thirty years of vaccines combined.

4) The Vaccine is not Effective

The continual research shows that the “vaccine” is not effective against the disease it is trying to prevent. One would assume that the infection would radically decline in a population where the majority of people are vaccinated, like Israel or the Netherlands. But that’s not what has happened. Infections in those places are still growing. The only place where infections are not growing is where people have a natural immunity to the virus, which is something we’ve known about infectious disease well before the emergence of the COVID virus. Furthermore, the fact that we are noticing this kind of disparity in results points to the fact that the “vaccine” is experimental, a disturbing thought. It is the kind of dizzying vision which would inspire the dystopian fiction of an Orwellian writer that the world has been transformed into a laboratory for the experimental research of scientists. We have become lab rats locked down in cages, instead of medical patients with rights to protest malpractice.

5) The Vaccine Mandate Is Contrary to Christian Moral Teaching

It is a self-evident principle of the moral order that men are made by God for freedom. America has inscribed this piece of common sense (otherwise called Natural Law) in its political creed — the Declaration of Independence. The Christian moral order does not refute that men were made for freedom, rather, it tenaciously agrees and only adds that the greatest freedom is the freedom, not of the merely natural realm, but of the supernatural realm. Christianity asserts that a man can be a king to men yet still be a slave to sin; which is why the Church has always brought its kings to their knees, as St. Ambrose did to Emperor Theodosius. And the Church still speaks to our modern rulers when it says, “Theodosius is not Theos.”

But aside from that minor protest, Christianity joins the chorus of those reasonable souls that assert the perennial philosophy of freedom by saying that a citizen should never be forced to take medicine, be it a vaccine or any other drug. Christian orthodoxy teaches that it is immoral to violate the intrinsic freedom of a citizen by compelling them to act against their conscience. That is why religious exemptions exist within a just political order, and why religious objections should exist within the new unjust world order created by this “vaccine”. But the Christian should not only protest the coercion, but also the propaganda, bullying, persecution, and tyranny of the government against the common good of its citizens. The true Church teaches that to love our neighbor through COVID is to protest against the violation of their rights, which, when taken to its logical conclusion, would turn them from a citizen into a slave.

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