The Discernable Interviews

Box Hill to Return to the Liberal Party? Candidate Nicole Werner

1hr 27min

27 August 2022

Box Hill is the Chinese capital of Melbourne, much like Hurstville in Sydney. Traditionally a Liberal seat (1955-1982 and 1992-2018), it is tipped to return to the Liberals in the Nov 2022 election with Malaysian candidate Nicole Werner.

Daughter of working class migrants from Malaysia in 1987, Nicole is a lifelong local of Box Hill whose career has been managing charities in the not-for-profit sector (foodbanks).

We discussed:

  • A working class migrant family arrives in Box Hill
  • Point Cook Rd and why Labor won’t double it
  • How SW-Sydney suburbs were treated differently during lockdown
  • The ‘super station’ being built in Box Hill
  • Mont Albert residents denied access to the secret Union Station plans
  • Why media won’t accept a young, Asian female running for the Liberal Party
  • Affirmative action and racism in Australia
  • Is Daniel Andrews popular on the street?
  • Monte Carlo Pizza in Noble Park
  • Foodbanks overwhelmed in 2020
  • How would the Liberals have done any better?
  • Vulnerable Victorians should leave the state
  • Media blackouts
  • Equality of opportunity, outcome and effort
  • Motivations to work for the community
  • Where do values comes from?
  • The foundation of faith
  • Compromising values for the political party
  • Friends outside of politics
  • What Millennials are talking about
  • Minority groups over represented in media
  • The personality of Nicole Werner
  • Great food in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs
  • Crossfit and F45
  • Participating in school sport