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Better than QandA: Impossible Conversations with Peter Boghossian

2hr 32min

6 April 2023

Better than QandA is a new format live panel show that appeals to those who want to think deeply about the world today.

Tonight’s topic ‘Impossible Conversations with Peter Boghossian’ explores epistemology: how do you know what you know? After demonstrating multiple games of ‘street epistemology’ we will dive into the ‘Sokal Squared’ ‘Grievance Studies Affair’ where James Lindsay, Helen Pluckrose and Peter Boghossian successfully published hoax papers in peer-reviewed academic journals to demonstrate the intellectual corruption of academia.


  • Peter Boghossian joins us live, all the way from the USA. Peter is a Founding Faculty member at the University of Austin and the director of National Progress Alliance. His teaching pedigree spans more than 25 years and focuses on the Socratic method, scientific skepticism, and critical thinking. Peter’s dissertation explored increasing the moral reasoning of prison inmates and aiding their resistance to crime. His most recent book is How to Have Impossible Conversations and his writing can be found in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, Time Magazine, National Review, and elsewhere. His work is centred on bringing the tools of professional philosophers to a wide variety of contexts to help people think through what seem to be intractable problems.
  • Flying in from Perth is Australia’s most controversial comedian: Corey White. Transitioning from criminal lawyer to comedian, Corey has appeared at The Sydney Writers Festival, on Triple M, SBS, and at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. He’s mic dropped on the SAS, police, “journalists”, the legal profession and government approved comedians, with a swag of agenda fluid gags that are rigorously tested, safe and effective for all. Until 2023 he was Australia’s most cancelled comedian for daring to raise impossible conversations.

Support Peter and his non-profit, the National Progress Alliance: https://www.nationalprogressalliance.org

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