The Discernable Interviews

Alex Washburne: 'Fauci Trees' That Kill the Saplings of Science

1hr 33min

10 July 2022

Alex Washburne has undergraduate degrees in biology and applied mathematics from University of New Mexico and a PhD from a Princeton University studying competition in ecological, epidemiological, and economic systems. He’s actively researched COVID epidemiology, the economic impacts of pandemic policy, and stock + capital market responses to epidemiological news.

In this interview we explored:

  • Covid-19 policy monism in a world of plurality
  • How decentralisation and competition can create better solutions
  • The strangling of new ideas by powerful incumbents
  • The desire to kill anything that is ‘not the same’ as you
  • The intolerance of some scientific fields
  • Predictions of endemicity and profitable stocks